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Supportive Services include the following: The Quality Assurance Supportive Services, Inc. (QASS) provides: * Utility Assistance Program * Medication and Medical/Dental co-pay assistance Program * Food Assistance Program . * Denture Assistance Program * Health Coaching Program • Health Education Program - Our volunteer Health Coaches provides a lunch-n-Learn (30 and 60 minute classes in a group session, QASS will provide lunch) and include the following topics as well as topics by request: o Cardiovascular Disease o Blood Pressure o Nutrition o Skin Cancer o Exercise o Smoking Cessation o Diabetes o Cholesterol o HIV/AIDS o Stress Management o Weight Management o Healthy Lifestyles o Headache o Demand Management/Self Care o Prostate Cancer * Essential Correspondence Program - We assist the disabled and seniors with completing forms (i.e. Medicaid renewal, disability forms, etc.).

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